When a storm, hurricane, wind, or hail hits the place, often owners do not know how much harm they will leave behind your home or workplace. We encourage you to call us at Louisiana Roofing. We are a trustworthy local contractor who will inspect your roof thoroughly. Our consultants will evaluate the damage and help you get your insurance firm involved in the claim process if appropriate. Below are the necessary steps to complete a claim from beginning to end. Look out for the following steps to claim for New Orleans storm damage and roof repair insurance in Louisiana. 

  1. Roof Inspection 

After a storm hits your area, New Orleans Roofing Expert is at your doorstep at a single call to inspect the damage. Your current roofing, gutters, siding, windows, and all other storm-related damage will be inspected by the contractors of Louisiana roofing. This step will determine if your roof damage is sufficiently suspected by the insurance company by evaluating your property more closely.

Our representative sits with you after the assessment and presents the inspection results with detailed photos. New Orleans Roofing Expert also helps look over your policy, which can make many homeowners confusing and determine what you can deduct to determine the homeowner’s out-of-pocket costs if the insurance is accepted.

  1. Insurance File Claim 

The next move is to call your insurance agent and make a claim. We know the method of filing lawsuits here at Luciana Roofing. We will enable you to contact and have the details required for the claim to be filed. Once the claim is made, a claim number will be given, with a time and date to inspect your property, by an inspection adjuster who will contact you. In order to ensure that nothing can be missed and that a damages determination is done appropriately by the insurance adjuster, it is always helpful to have a roofing specialist like New Orleans Roofing Expert.

  1. Warranty Options 

Following the ultimate assessment in New Orleans for storm damage to the property by New Orleans Roofing Expert and the adjuster, the adjuster may leave insurance documents. For a homeowner, this may often be confusing. We will sit back to make sure you understand the documents and finalize a scheme, select quality products, and take care of guarantee choices to complete the project defined in the insurance scope of work. For the job outlined in your policy forms, the insurance provider will reimburse except for the deductible.

  1. Work Satisfaction 

The job outlined in the contract continues by New Orleans Roofing Expert after the claim is finalized. Our quality control inspector will review the work after it is done and take a step forward with your homeowner to ensure the work is carried out satisfactorily. When you are done with the New Orleans Roofing Expert project, the insurance firm will request the necessary documentation and inquire about the outstanding balance.

At New Orleans Roofing Expert, our intention is to ensure that the claims process in New Orleans for storm damage is hassle-free for our clients. We use high-quality products and can deliver the industry’s finest commitments sponsored by the suppliers. We’d like to help you get back to your house and workplace that was in the condition before the storm damage or even better!

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